If you are a pizza lover but are annoyed due to the uprise of pizza prices in Pakistan, then we have sorted this all out. California pizza presents you with a variety of pizzas within your budget.

Pizza Categories which are worth the pizza price in Pakistan

We have divided the pizzas into three (3) categories.

  1. Overload Cheesy Pizza
  2. Cheesy Mayo Range
  3. Overload Meaty Pizza

These three ranges are for those who want to have a pizza according to their desire. For instance, pizza lovers have various choices; some give preference to cheesy pizza, and some prefer to have loads of meaty chunks of pizza, the rest give preference to flavours. Similarly, here we are going to elaborate you our pizza categories that will also define the pizza prices in Pakistan.

Overload Cheesy Pizza Range

California pizza presents this range with a number of pizza flavours which comprise;

  • Chicken Tikka
  • Seekh Kabab
  • Chicken Fajita
  • Cheese Lover
  • Chicken Supreme
  • Fajita Sicilian
  • Cheese & Pepperoni
  • Ranch
  • Chipotle
  • Sriracha
  • Veggie Lover

These flavours of pizza in this particular “Overload Cheesy Range” are extra cheesy. Surely, these pizzas will not just deliver flavour but, in fact, will allow you to have big gooey bites of cheese. Now the question arises are they worth the price or not? Do these pizzas justify the price or not? Well, for sure, they do. California pizza has made sure that they deliver excellent quality pizzas by keeping in mind the budget. Many pizza brands have uprising pizza prices in Pakistan which never allows one to have pizzas wholeheartedly.

Overload Meaty Pizza Range 

California pizza presents this range with a variety of pizza flavours that include;

  • Arizona Cream
  • Mexican Treat
  • Miami Beast
  • Chicago Bulls
  • Maryland Delight
  • Ohio Thrill
  • Florida Feast
  • Detroit Pepperoni

These pizza flavours are specially designed by keeping in mind the combination of meaty flavours along with a sauce. California pizza makes sure that they present quality pizza with economic value. We have added loads of meaty chunks to the pizza along with premium cheese all-in-one pizza. Regardless of that, we use special sauces that enhance the pizza’s favour. We import these sauces, and many of them are self-made by the head chef of California pizza. Not just this, but if a comparison is pulled out, California pizza offers the most budget-friendly pizzas. In addition, with the same quality as the other pizza brands in Pakistan.

Cheesy Mayo Range 

Well, this is our recently launched pizza range that includes three (3) types of pizzas;

  • Dynamite
  • American BBQ
  • Peri Peri

Surely, these flavours are for the true lovers’ of spice and cheese. We have a very reasonable value for these pizzas in various sizes. Also have specially made these sauce combinations for them so that you can enjoy eating one of your favourite pizzas.

Comparison of pizza price in Pakistan

We believe that we are beating the market with our value and quality. Our price range starts from Rs. 399 and hopes up for a party pizza that is or jumbo edition, which is Rs. 2399. Indeed our customers are glad about our exceptional taste and exquisite flavour among our pricings. Here is a list of prices that we have added.

  • Small Pizza – Rs. 399
  • Regular Pizza – Rs. 899
  • Large Pizza – Rs. 1399
  • Jumbo Pizza – Rs. 2399

Pocket-Friendly Deals

We are well aware that when it comes to fast food, we love to have a great deal, which brings value in money and quantity. So we bring you a number of deals that are on display on our website for your convenience. California pizza ensures its clients have a great deal with lots of scrumptious bites.

Crust Variations of California Pizza 

Thus, there is a large number of pizzas on the menu of California Pizza, but here we present pizzas for those who want further changes in their pizza crusts as well. California Pizza puts forth four (4) crusts that will give satisfaction to consumers.

  • Stuffed Crust Pizza

This stuffed crust pizza has stuffed cream cheese on the edges of the pizza. To elaborate further, in this pizza, the cheese is stuffed into the outer edge of the pizza crust. The stuffed crust is made by rolling or folding a layer of cheese or other ingredients into the dough before baking. The result is a pizza with a thick, chewy, and cheesy crust that adds an extra layer of flavour and texture to each slice you have. The filling inside the crust also varies according to your customization, but it is usually made of mozzarella cheese or a combination of cheese and cream cheese as well. Overall, it is a great option for cheese lovers and those looking for a little something extra to make their pizza experience even more enjoyable.

  • Thin Crust Pizza

Our thin-crust pizza has a thin, crispy crust. The dough for a thin-crust pizza is rolled out very thin and is typically cooked at a high temperature for a shorter time span than a thicker-crust pizza. Thin crust pizza has a different texture than a traditional pizza with a thicker crust. It is crisp and crunchy on the outside but still has a chewy texture on the inside. As the crust is thin, the toppings are the star of the show and can really shine through. Well, we have introduced this pizza for the ones who consider it a healthier option than the thicker crust pizzas. Further, it is of great economic value in comparison to other pizza prices in Pakistan.

  • Deep Pan Pizza

Our Deep dish pizza is a type of pizza that has a thick, deep crust similar to the pies crust. Surely this pizza is pressed into a deep-dish pizza pan, with the edges of the crust extending up the sides of the pan. The crust is then filled with a variety of ingredients, such as cheese, tomato sauce, vegetables, and meat. Our deep-dish pizza is a popular and delicious option for pizza lovers who enjoy a hearty, filling meal with a thick, doughy crust and plenty of toppings. It is often associated with Chicago-style pizza and is a must-try for anyone visiting. Further, the pizza price in Pakistan is great which everyone can afford.

  • Kabab Popper Pizza

California pizzas Kabab Popper pizza is actually designed for those who want to have a pizza with loads of meat. This pizza has premium quality cheese and loads of kabab stuffed on the edges of the pizza, which delight at every bite. Premium quality cheese is used in this pizza with loads of sauce that make the pizza juicy, gooey cheesy and meaty.

To sum up, if you want to have a budget-friendly pizza with quality among quantity, then give it a try to California pizza. Also, we assure you that you will not regret trying our pizza as it is value for money when compared with the pizza price in Pakistan.