As the coldness of winter sets in, what better way to double the enjoyment than by taking advantage of California Pizza’s cozy and delectable winter deals? For years, California Pizza has been known for delivering top-selling pizza and quality by serving oven-fresh and piping-hot pizza that always leaves you wanting more.
As the winter chill settles over California, we are delighted to bring you our winter deals 2024 that will undoubtedly make this season memorable.

Winter Deal 1

Winter is a season of warm and comfort meals, which is why California Pizza is excited to present you its great winter discounts, which include one normal pizza in six delicious flavors. Maryland Delight, Mexican Treat, Miami Breast, Chicago Pulls, Arizona Cream, and Florida Feast are served alongside one delectable burger in four different flavors and a loaded and packed pizza roll and the most incredible part is this lethal combination is only Rs 1749.

Winter Deal 2

Our, exciting winter craving deals 2 include one regular pizza and two burgers in six amazing pizza flavors including Maryland Delight, Mexican Treat, Miami Breast, Chicago Pulls, Arizona Cream, and Florida Feast, as well as three special burger flavors including ranch (spicy), chipotle (spicy), and Sriracha (Extra Spicy), all for Rs 1599. The best part is that you can triple the excitement of this deal by adding your favorites: crispy fries or brownie for just Rs250 more.

Crazy Offer 1

What better way to reward yourself than to order a warm and tasty pizza from California while watching your favorite movie in your cozy warm blanket? Our crazy deal comes in two flavors, Arizona Cream, and Mexican Treat, and includes your favorite drink for an incredible price of Rs 450.

Three o Treat

Winter 2024 is all about warm gatherings, and what better way to treat your friends than our Three o Treat, which includes one large pizza with your choice of the crest in thin or stuffed crust and amazing pizza flavors like cheese lover, veggie lover, chicken fajita, and fajita Sicilian served with your choice of drink. And all of this for Rs1999. We bet you won’t find a better offer anyplace else but California.

Cheesy Maza

To double the fun on winter 2024, California is delighted to bring you its cheesy maza deal, which includes two regular pizzas with your choice of crust, served with a fudgy brownie and drink of your choice. California is ready to make your winter memorable with this great deal for just Rs 2299.

Friendship Feast

Winters are a special season, and so are California’s discounts. Our friendship feast honors the incredible bond that people share, and to further strengthen it, we offer an appealing combo that includes 1 large pizza. 1 small drink and 4 hotshots served with fries. The pizza is offered in California’s most popular flavors, chicken fajita, and chicken tikka, and you can even select your preferred crust. All of this for the unbelievable price of Rs 1999.


The winter promotions for 2024 from California Pizza promise an exquisite trip through the flavors of the season. These bargains accommodate to a wide range of tastes and preferences, whether you’re looking for a big feast for a group celebration or a fast lunchtime escape. Don’t miss out on these exceptional winter deals; they’ll make your winter dining experience nothing short of spectacular. You can order pizza online or come to your nearest outlet today to avail these exciting deals