Biggest Pizza in Pakistan is our all-time favourite because we love to have something that is baked and has loads of flavour in it, and indeed, it is effortless to eat – except to make. Surely, it is easier to have big hot cheesy, flavorful bites, but what makes these pizzas scrumptious? Well, certainly, it’s the “CHEESE.” Indeed, Cheese is an essential ingredient of a good pizza, as it is the Cheese that gives it all its creaminess! So, if you are in search of the best or the biggest pizza in Pakistan, then you must be aware of what sort of Cheese is used in pizza making process.


Does Cheese have a flavour?

Well, it is Cheese that matters in a pizza because we believe the cheesy it will be the more delicious. Despite that, we never thought about whether the Cheese has a flavour or not. Why do we want to have more Cheese, or why do we crave it?

Well, the reason is that Cheese has a lot of flavours infused into it. It has various sorts of tastes and has a number of types. All those varieties of Cheese call for a bust of flavours to the pizza. As has a wide range of varieties. It all depends on the pizza shops in Pakistan and what quality of Cheese they are using in their pizza. One of the common Cheese in a pizza is “Mozzarella” just as it is visually intriguing. Moreover, it temps one to eat pizza.

The mozzarella is surely the queen of pizzas. This Cheese is from buffalo milk, and its particularities make it essential for pizza:

  • It is low fat and ensures its golden colour when cooked, and is chewable.
  • It is stringy once cooked, which delights foodies.

On the other hand, other Italian cheeses, too fatty, or too dry, do not have this melting texture. However, when combined with mozzarella, they will reveal an extraordinary flavour, and their union will give all its taste and texture to the pizza. According to the study, cheese combinations turn out the best and the most appetizing.

Does the Price of the pizza affect the cost price? 

Well, yes, indeed it does – the more quality cheese is, the more expensive the pizza will be. If you are searching for a pizza in Pakistan,  low price means that the quality of the Cheese might be compromised. The actual ingredient in the reason why people eat pizza is in fact, CHEESE. In addition, if there is a compromise on Cheese, they never opt for it. The cheesy the pizza the easy it becomes to draw the attention of people. Every pizza brand in Pakistan makes sure that they draw the attention of their customers with their Cheese, and thus they succeed as the cheesy pulls of the mozzarella are mouthwatering. Many pizza places in Pakistan claim that they make use of premium quality cheese, but we assure you that California pizza’s Cheese is indeed a quality cheese that is imported and is of premium quality.

It is not just one Cheese in a pizza, but there are a number of Cheese which combine to make the pizza tasty. It is not just mozzarella because mozzarella is for strings. Further when combines with cheddar, it gives a salty taste, which enhances the flavour. As there are many types of Cheese present in various pizzas.

What makes California Pizza The No 1 pizza in Pakistan?

Well, the No 1 pizza in Pakistan is California Pizza; as we make sure that we meet the requirements of your consumers. We have made sure that we bake pizzas according to the consumer’s feedback. Now, we present quality flavours that are especially for our clients, who make Us the No 1 Pizza in Pakistan. In addition, it is not just the Cheese; in fact, it is our secret sauce that makes our pizza one of the special pizzas in Pakistan. The taste we use is totally different and has an exceptional taste. We have infused immense flavour into the secret sauce that makes the base of the pizza scrumptiously delicious.

So, we make sure that we meet the taste of your consumers and present what they yearn for in a pizza. Thus, it is not wrong to say that California Pizza is a top-notch pizza brand in Pakistan.