Searching for some exciting pizza family deals? Look no further because California Pizza promises to offer you the finest of taste and dining experience and a variety of family deals at your disposal all the time.
No matter you’re a small family of four or a whole lot carving to eat the best pizza in town, California Pizza has got you all covered by offering versatile family deals and pizza flavors that can best savor your cravings like nothing else.
You must be eager to know all those great family deals. We know that right and so, we’ve put together a list of all appetizing and tempting pizza family deals in this blog post.

  • Super Smash Deal
  • Double the Fun Deals
  • Triple the Madness Deals

Super Smash Deal

Has the cricket fever engulfed you and your family as well? Well, who’s not excited to witness the great sport this Asia Cup? And what would be a better way of making these matches memorable and family time by snacking the yummiest bites of California Pizza alongside?

The good news is – California Pizza is offering an excitingly rich pizza deal including 3 pan pizzas, 2 regular pizzas, and 2 large pizzas alongside one large drink for only 2899 PKR to make your match days even better. You can pick a combination of flavors as per your choice from our wide range and enjoy eating the scrumptiously delicious pizzas while watching superb cricket moments with your family.

Double the Fun Deals

If you’re planning to spend a family evening together and savor your taste buds with the finest pizza flavors, California pizza brings to you a range of double the fun deals, available in all the regular, large, and jumbo sizes. They include either 2 regular pizzas, 2 large pizzas, or two jumbo pizzas. You can choose whichever suits your appetite and pick your favorite flavors from an extensive meaty fiesta variety. Raging between reasonable prices of 2400 to 5200 PKR only, these deals are the yummiest, stomach-filling and can be made even better with a twist of chilled soft drink.
So, make your evening memorable by either visiting your nearest California Pizza outlet or simply placing an order online. We’ll ensure serving with hot and tempting Pizzas at your ease.

Triple the Madness Deals

An even bigger crowd of family craving some pizza madness? Well, our Triple the Madness deals could be your perfect choice. Available in different varieties including 3 regular pizzas, 3 large pizzas, and 3 jumbo pizzas – these deals are meant to bring spice and flavor to your fun-filled family evenings.
You can order any of these as per your appetite and pick flavors from the wide range of meaty fiesta range. Our professionally trained staff makes sure to bake and deliver fresh and hot pizzas beaming with exciting flavors and aromas you’d die for.

Make Your Family Evenings Memorable with California Pizza’s Best Family Deals

We know how much you and your family love pizza and how less you get the time to spend with family in today’s era. So, why not make those little moments joyful by adding your favorite flavors to them with the superb family deals offered at California Pizza? Either visit your nearest outlet and enjoy the heavenly flavors freshly baked and served from the oven to your table or place an online order to enjoy the enriched goodness of flavorful pizzas baked by our professionally trained chefs.
We are continuously working to deliver the best pizza experience for our customers – ensuring your cravings get truly satisfied each time.