Peri Peri pizza is a famous pizza all over the globe. In fact, peri peri also known as Piri Piri. It is a type of chilli pepper that originated in Mozambique and Angola, in Southern Africa. The term “Peri Peri” is often used to refer to a type of spicy sauce or seasoning made from these chilli peppers. Peri Peri sauce typically consists of crushed peri chilli peppers blended with garlic, vinegar, lemon juice, and other spices, creating a bold and spicy flavour. The sauce is commonly used in African and Portuguese cuisine but has become popular globally. Chefs often use it to marinate meat and poultry, as a condiment for dishes, or as a base for various dishes such as peri peri pizza.

What does Peri Peri sauce taste like?

Peri Peri sauce is a type of hot sauce that is a blend of chilli peppers, herbs, spices, and citrus, which gives it a unique and delicious flavour profile. Below we explain the flavour of Peri Peri sauce:

  • Spicy

Peri Peri pizza sauce is known for its spicy taste, which comes from the chilli peppers in its recipe. A variety of chilli peppers are in the peri peri sauce. Well, the level of spice of those peppers can range from mild to very hot. To balance the spice other flavours play a key role in the sauce, such as citrus and herbs.

  • Tangy

Peri Peri pizza sauce also has a tangy taste, which comes from the citrus ingredients in the recipe. Typically, lemon or lime juice in the sauce gives a fresh and tangy flavour. This tanginess helps to balance the spiciness of the sauce, making it more enjoyable to eat.

  • Herbaceous

The Peri Peri pizza sauce often includes a blend of herbs in its recipe, such as oregano, parsley, and thyme. These herbs add a fresh and have herbaceous flavour to the sauce, which complements the spiciness and tanginess of the other ingredients.

The flavour of Peri Peri pizza sauce is a delicious combination of spicy, tangy, herbaceous, and salty tastes. It is a versatile sauce that is in a variety of dishes, such as grill chicken, fish, or vegetables, to add a bold and flavorful kick. However, California pizza makes this sauce in-house and makes use for our Peri Peri pizza lovers.

What makes California Pizzas Peri peri Pizza special? 

Peri Peri Pizza is a pizza flavour that features peri peri sauce as a key ingredient. The sauce is on the base of the pizza, as well as on the top. This gives it a unique and delicious flavour. People often give “OUR PERI PERI PIZZA” preference for the reasons below:

Unique flavour

Our Peri Peri Pizza has a unique and bold flavour that sets it apart from other pizza flavours. The spicy and tangy flavour of the peri peri sauce combines with the herbs and spices, creating a flavour that is both delicious and scrumptious.


Peri Peri Pizza is a versatile pizza flavour that we customize according to individual tastes. For instance, people can choose to add or remove toppings based on their preferences. We allow them to define us; for example, they can have mild peri peri flavour as well. Moreover, we can adjust the peri peri sauce to make it more or less spicy, depending on how much heat someone can handle.


California pizza’s Peri Peri Pizza has become a popular pizza flavour in Pakistan due to its unique and delicious taste. Many people enjoy trying new and exciting flavors, and our Peri Peri Pizza offers just that. We make this sauce in-house and make sure that it is creamy, spicy, sour and tangy. Surely our Peri Peri Pizza sauce will revive your taste buds. Now, it is gaining popularity, and people are enjoying trying our exciting “Cheesy Mayo Range,” in which we put forth our Peri Peri Pizza.

Undoubtedly, Pakistani natives give preference to our Peri Peri Pizza because it offers a unique and delicious flavour also is versatile and customizable. So if you want to give it a try, visit our website or download our app, or can visit any of your nearest branches and enjoy this luscious pizza.