If you like pizza, you’ve probably heard of California Pizza. California Pizza Karachi has been the go-to spot for all pizza fans due to our deliciously baked pizza, best pizza flavors and amazing discount deals. We can guarantee that the flavor and quality of your dining experience will be not comparable anywhere else.

What makes us the go-to pizza restaurant for all pizza lovers? Have a look atwhat we have to offer.

Ingredients of Excellent Quality

Your health is important to us, and we never compromise on the quality of our ingredients. We make absolutely sure you receive freshly baked pizza that has been specially customized to you using fresh and high-quality ingredients.

Many Unique Types of Pizza

We can accommodate your needs whether you are a meat lover, appreciate pizza with vegetable toppings, or simply want pizza with crust and cheese. Your request is our command, and we make certain that every pizza we create is specially customized for you.

Exciting special offers

California is one of the few pizza businesses in Karachi that offers amazing pizza deals at affordable pricing while using high-quality ingredients.

We make sure that our best pizza flavors are affordable and accessible for everyone, which is what makes us the go-to spot for all pizza enthusiasts.

Our menu is always being updated.

We want your taste buds to enjoy the various pizza varieties available around the world, thus we launch new pizza flavors on a regular basis. Our customers adore our deep pan pizza, which is a Chicago-style pizza, and there are many other delicious selections on our menu.


The ambiance of California Pizza is especially noteworthy. It’s the ideal location to relax with friends and family over a slice of pizza, thanks to its cozy and welcoming ambiance. The staff is polite and welcoming, ensuring that you have an enjoyable dining experience each time you visit.

Quick Service

As you place your order, our chefs quickly begin preparing your pizza for you, so you may eat freshly baked pizza that is served hot and satisfies your appetite.

So now you know what makes California Pizza Karachi the go-to pizza spot for pizza lovers. We also constantly offer wonderful discount offers so you may enjoy our scrumptious pizza while staying within your budget. California Pizza also has amazing pizza offers in Karachi. So the next time you crave pizza, you know where to go.

If you’re in Karachi and are craving pizza, you may easily satisfy your hunger by ordering through our website, calling our UAN (021-111-734-734) or stopping by any California Pizza branch near you.