California Pizza has long been known for its scrumptious pizzas, which are made using fresh and
high-quality ingredients and imaginative flavor combinations to create an amazing pizza
experience. All of our pizza flavors are delicious, but these five are the most popular at
California Pizza, giving you a flavorful burst.

Let’s look at some of our most top selling pizzas:

1. Kabab Popper Pizza
2. Creamy Tikka Pizza
3. Cheesy Tikka Pizza
4. Chicken Fajita Pizza
5. Chicken Supreme Pizza

1. Kabab Popper Pizza

If you appreciate true Middle Eastern traditional kabab flavors, this is the pizza flavor for you.
When we make kabab popper pizza for you, the juicy chunks of seasoned chicken or beef kabab
are perfectly grilled to perfection. It is then generously garnished with onions, bell peppers, and
aromatic herbs, ensuring that each bite is a taste of an authentic explosion of flavor.

2. Creamy Tikka Pizza

If you like creamy flavors with a bit of spiciness, indulge in the madness of our creamy tikka
pizza. This pizza flavor combines creamy sauce and tender chicken tikka chunks before being
topped with plenty of mozzarella cheese and a sprinkle of cilantro. Creamy, dreamy, and just

3. Cheesy Maza Pizza

A real cheese lover’s paradise. A cheesy treat that has been baked to perfection and will thrill
your taste senses. It is a creamy, melty cheese delight where cheddar cheese, mozzarella
cheese, and parmesan cheese are flawlessly layered over a rich and creamy tomato sauce.

4. Chicken Fajita Pizza

This is the family’s favorite pizza taste because it is liked by everyone. It is a wonderful balance
of all the ingredients that flawlessly blend together to create a flavor that makes you want
more. Tasty flavors of grilled chicken pieces caramelized bell peppers and onions, and a great
blend of fajita spices

5. Chicken Supreme Pizza

If you enjoy combining diverse flavors, chicken supreme pizza flavors is the perfect taste for
you. It offers a wide range of toppings. A mix of superior toppings, including marinated chicken,
pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives, bell peppers, and onions, work in harmony. Each bite is a
sensory experience that will leave you wanting more.


Whether you love classic flavors or desire to experiment with new combinations, California has
something to suit everyone’s tastes. To believe it, explore it!!

This top-selling pizza from California Pizza guarantees a remarkable and rewarding dining
experience, whether consumed as a quick dinner or shared with friends and family.

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