California pizza is one of the eminent pizza stores in Pakistan. It is not just a pizzeria but, in fact, also puts forth many delicious appetizers.

The Best Pizza Store in Pakistan

California pizza is one of the top 5 pizzerias in Pakistan, and we are proud that we deliver the best quality fast food all over Pakistan. We are a pizza brand that can ensure quality as we make use of premium cheese imported internationally. We make sure that the pizza we make includes quality along with quantity. It is not just our cheese which we boast of, but in fact, it is our products that we use, along it is the high-quality kitchen maintenance that makes use worth it.

Our Kitchen Hygiene Maintenance 

  • Hand washing in the Best Pizza Store in Pakistan

California pizza’s staff members wash their hands regularly, specifically after dealing with raw food and sauces, utilizing the restroom, or managing garbage. California makes sure that the whole kitchen staff washes their hands properly by using warm water and hand wash or a bar of soap.

  • Sanitizing surfaces and utensils

Surfaces and kitchen utensils with which the staff comes into contact while preparing food. For example, cutting boards, countertops, and blades, choppers, sanitization is on regular basis to stop the spread of bacteria and other pathogens. As a matter of fact, we make sure that the sanitizing involves utilizing chemical solutions as well as hot water.

  • Proper storage

Food items are in specific areas at the appropriate temperature and in proper containers to avert cross-contamination as well as spoilage. Raw meats are separate from other foods, and perishable commodities are in refrigerators or freezers at an accurate temperature. We make sure that we maintain a good reputation being the best pizza store in Pakistan.

  • Cleaning and maintenance

The cleaning staff of California pizza makes sure that they clean the kitchen thoroughly every day, including floors, walls, and all the kitchen utensils and pieces of equipment. Further, we make sure that we clean the grease traps, vents, and hoods on a daily basis to prevent the building up of grease along with other contaminants.

  • Staff hygiene

All the staff members wear clean uniforms and hair restraints to prevent hair from falling into food. Additionally, sick staff members are not allowed to work until they have fully recovered. This is to prevent the spread of illness not just in the staff members but in fact our customers who consume food.

A stainless steel countertop

Stainless steel worktops are affixed in California pizzas kitchen. We have these slabs as it gives a smooth, non-porous surface that is germs, and bacteria-free. Also, the dirt particles hardly have a chance to settle. Our kitchen architects advise us regarding the kitchen so that we can have remarkable hygienic conditions in the kitchen. Also, these kitchen slabs prove to be extremely practical for seamless transitions to sinks and electrical appliances. Further, this is easy to clean, which allows the staff of California pizza to maintain good hygiene in one of the best pizza store in Pakistan.

Hygiene rules for Our kitchen – Personal hygiene

California pizza has put forth certain personal hygiene rules and regulations for the kitchen staff. All of those are below.

  • All kitchen staff must maintain cleanliness and keep themselves well-groomed.
  • In addition to the usual personal hygiene, the staff must wash their hair on a regular basis.
  • Also, the staff must have trimmed fingernails – short and unpainted in order to avoid bacteria and dirt.
  • Casual clothing is prohibited in a catering kitchen. Work and everyday clothing are apart; thus, the same rule staff must follow.
  • Staff must make use of a hair net to cover their hair and then step into the kitchen.
  • Sanitize hands after going to the toilet.

Well, these are some of the basic rules which we follow in our pizza store – “California pizza.”

California Pizza’s Food hygiene

  • An important aspect of gastronomy is food hygiene, and surely our staff maintains it.
  • If food is perishable and we make sure that the food items do not stay for long in cold storage and are consumed promptly.
  • We keep all food clean and make sure it is in closed vessels. · Additionally, in the case of quick-frozen foodstuffs, we do not interrupt the cold chain as such foods must be completely thawed before preparation. After that, the food is thoroughly washed off to remove remnants of condensation.
  • California pizza, as a leading pizza store in Pakistan, makes sure of these things that food contamination is less. We believe, and so is in gastronomy, that food must be heated to at least 72 degrees for at least two minutes.
  • Not just this, but in fact, food must not cool below 65 degrees; otherwise, if the temperature is lower, the bacteria will multiply fast.

Further regulations for our kitchen

  • All surfaces in the kitchen are easy to clean and disinfect. As a matter of fact, in reason to this, “California pizza” a gastronomy kitchen is of Stainless Steel.
  • Further, we test the work surfaces thoroughly on a daily basis. We clean them and make their disinfectant.
  • The cleaning agents, such as detergents or flour cleaning fluids, are carefully stored separately away from the food.
  • Moreover, we make sure that our cleaning staff washes the dishtowel as well as cleaning cloths on a daily basis at 90 degrees.

Hence, we are such a pizza store in Pakistan that not only focuses on product quality but in fact, also delivers home-like pizza. Definitely, we make it with love and care. We make sure that we maintain extreme hygiene in our kitchen to deliver great flavor and quality pizzas.