You might have eaten many Creamy Pizzas in Islamabad, but have you ever tried California Pizza? We are an eminent and prominent brand with a variety of pizzas. Our pizza range includes many pizzas and all of them are extremely delicious and creamy.

What is California pizza’s Creamy pizza like?

We claim that we sell creamy pizza as we make use of a sauce that is a creamy texture. We do not use the traditional tomato pizza sauce on the base of the pizza but, in fact, make use of our special base sauce. Well, the appearance of the pizza varies depending on pizza toppings, but in general, it is the sauce that makes the pizza flavourful and creamy. Our sauce is off-white in colour and has a smooth, velvety texture.

What does our sauce taste like?

In terms of flavour and taste, pizza is quite rich and decadent. The creamy sauce is made with ingredients like heavy cream, cheese, or even a combination of both, which gives the pizza a great quality. Depending on the toppings, creamy pizza can have a variety of different flavour profiles. For instance, a creamy chicken pizza has a slightly savoury flavour, while a creamy peri-peri pizza brings sour, savoury and spicy flavour. Overall, creamy pizza is a unique twist on all those classic California pizzas that offer more delicious and appetizing flavours. The sauce is used in every pizza as we know that no one wants a try pizza, but they want the dough to be crispy and hard from the outer side but must be fluffy and soft and juicy for the inner side.

What is the secret behind a Creamy pizza? 

We make sure that we put forth a few key factors that contribute to make a creamy pizza:

Our Premium Quality Cheese

The quality of the cheese has a big impact on the creaminess of a pizza. We use high-quality cheese, which we import from abroad. The cheese we use is of premium quality and has a lot of nutrition as well. The key factors that our cheese has are;

  • The Flavour of our Cheese

Our cheese is of high-quality, rich, and has a well-balance of flavours that can range from mild to sharp, depending on the type of cheese. The flavour is distinctive and never tastes artificial or overly processed.

  • The texture of the cheese

The texture of the cheese we import is high-quality cheese which is smooth, creamy, and consistent throughout. It should is not grainy, dry, or crumbly as local cheeses are, so this brings a huge difference in taste and texture.

  • Cheese Appearance

Indeed the appearance of high-quality cheese is visually appealing, with consistent colour and texture that is free from any discolouration; otherwise is not wise to use.

  • Fresh Aroma of Cheese 

High-quality cheese should have a pleasant, aromatic smell that is indicative of its flavour and texture. The aroma of cheese makes cheesy pizza lovers droll over, and as a matter of fact, our cheese is imported of high quality.

  • The Ageing of quality Cheese

The ageing process plays a crucial role in the development of high-quality cheese, and many top-tier kinds of cheese are aged for months or even years to achieve their desired flavour and texture.

  • Quality Milk without Preservatives

High-quality cheese is made from high-quality milk and never contains any additives, fillers, or artificial ingredients.

Overall, high-quality cheese should be a delicious, indulgent, and satisfying treat that is worth savouring and enjoying. So the secret behind our Creamy pizza in Islamabad is our product quality. In addition the working we do on our recipes. To give it a try, visit our website and order now.