As the holy month of Ramadan has already begin spreading the blessings and a vibe of festivities, we’ve all started making sehri and iftari plans with our friends and family. Whether you’re in the mood of enjoying some scrumptious food at the ease of your home or planning to break your fast outside with something delicious, California pizza has introduced the most exciting Ramadan pizza deals in Karachi that can definitely make your sehri and iftar the best of all.

While we’re offering an amazing discount on the entire menu throughout Ramadan, those looking out for deals can definitely enjoy the best pizza flavors at surprisingly affordable prizes and double their celebrations.

Want to know more about the exciting pizza deals in Karachi you can avail this Ramadan? Here’s a detailed description of what California Pizza offers!

Cheesy Maza –

Craving some cheesy pizza in Karachi? This tantalizing pizza deal brings to you a combination of two regular-size cheesy pizzas with extra-sweet lava cake and a large-sized drink. With a service size of 3-4 persons, this deal is perfect to make your sehri and iftar parties mesmerizing!

Round the Clock Cheesy –

No matter what’s the time, our round-the-clock cheesy pizza deals are delivered hot and fresh at your doorstep or you can visit the store to get enjoy them piping hot. Ranging from a one pan show and two times the fun to the three o threat and four is more, these combination deals are for everyone. No matter how many of you are getting together to celebrate this Ramadan, these cheesy pizza deals are available in all the possible sizes to serve your friends and family the best.

Round the Clock Meaty –

Craving more meat this Ramadan, these fits-for-all combinations of meaty pizzas are the best to savor your appetite. You can order your choice of a meaty flavor from the list of options and make the most of your moments with premium-quality pizzas made with love and optimum care.

Delivery Deals –

Craving some fresh and hot pizza but lazy enough to step out of your home while you’re fasting? We’ve got you covered by offering some extravaganza delivery deals. Whether you want to break your fast with family of friends, these rich combinations of two regular-sized pizzas (meaty or cheesy flavors) with a drink and two large-sized pizzas (meaty or cheesy flavors) with a drink can definitely serve you all to the full stomachs.

Double the Fun –

Got a big squad of friends meeting for sehri or iftar? The giant pizza deals we offer in double the fun category are what you need. These deals are applicable on all meat fiesta flavors and lets you enjoy all the premium yet best pizza flavors available at the California Pizza Karachi.

Tripple the Madness –

Even bigger group of friends or family? The super-giant deals we offer in Tripple the madness category are definitely worth your try. Applicable on all meat fiesta flavors, these deals can be make your iftar and sehri parties the finest of all with delicious food on the table and a taste that can savor your long-gone cravings.

Feeling hungry already? Pick the deal that suits you best, choose your favorite flavors and boom! You can either place an order online from our website to simply visit the nearest outlet of California Pizza in Karachi for take-away or dine in and enjoy the best Ramadan pizza deals.