Are you a pizza lover who enjoys finding affordable online pizza deals? You’ve come to the right place, and we’ve got some of the best pizza flavor offers for you that won’t break the bank. You’re all prepared to enjoy our top-selling pizzas without breaking the bank. Let’s look into some budget-friendly deals offered by California Pizza;

Deal One: Flavorful Solo Treat

  1. Deal Two: Group Feast
  2. Deal Three: Double the Fun
  3. Classic Deal: Meaty and Cheesy Delight
  4. One Pan Show Deal: Pizza and Drink Combo


1) Deal One: Flavorful Solo Treat

Treat yourself to some real deliciousness with our wonderful flavorful solo treat, bringing you the goodness of Arizona cream or Mexican delicacy according to your taste buds, delivered with a refreshing drink. This great combination costs only Rs 499. Reasonable enough to brighten your day.

2) Deal Two: Group Feast

PSL is just around the corner, and to double the fun, we bring you our Free Hit deal, which includes a variety of pizza choices so you can try new flavors while watching cricket with a slice of happiness. The deals feature three pan pizzas, two dip sauces, and two pieces of garlic bread, all for an unbelievable discount price of Rs 1555. So, gather your friends and family for a pizza feast.

3) Deal Three: Double the Fun

Meeting a friend over a reunion? What could be better than our two-for-one deal making your get-together memorable by delivering a personalized pizza experience where you can select your pizza crust according to your references from our varied options? The most popular being the deep pan crust, and enjoy this deal with two chilled beverages served together with steaming hot pizza for only Rs 1499.

4) Classic Deal: Meaty and Cheesy Delight

Are you searching for the best cheesy pizza or looking for some meaty joy without going out of budget? Our classic deal will offer you a moment of ecstasy with every bite you take.  The deal includes one small pizza of the flavor of your choosing, offering Arizona cream and a Mexican treat for an incredible price of Rs 549 for meaty delight and Rs 649 for cheesy delight. It is a true treat for pizza fans.

5) One Pan Show Deal: Pizza and Drink Combo

You’re ready to enjoy your solo pizza delight with our pan show deal, which comes in our most popular flavors and allows you to choose between cheesy and meaty possibilities. This bargain also comes with a drink of your choice and stays within your budget because it is only RS 699 for Meaty Delight and Rs 799 for Cheesy Delight.


California Pizza has been known for many years for bringing happiness with each slice of pizza they deliver and that too at affordable prices without compromising on quality and taste. Whether you order pizza online or visit our physical location, we are always ready to serve you.

Don’t let money restrictions keep you from enjoying delightful pizza. California Pizza’s reasonable prices ensure that you may satisfy your pizza desires without going overboard. Whether you’re eating alone or with friends and family, there’s a discount for everyone. Treat yourself today!